A part after differential repair in Perth

    Diff Repair for the Perth Area

    On a front engine rear wheel driven car, the differential has three crucial functions: it turns the direction of drive through 90 degrees to the rear wheels, it allows either rear wheel to turn faster than the other, which is very important when going around a corner, and thirdly, it effects the final gear reduction.

    Working on differentials

    Bearing in mind the huge amounts of stress and torque that are exacted upon the components inside a vehicle's differential unit, it is hardly surprising that repairs are a highly specialised field of automotive engineering. 

    Precision engineering tools are required to set up the major components such as the pinion bearing that has to be pre-loaded to withstand the forces that the crown wheel exacts upon it.

    The differential gears themselves are also susceptible to wear, which will eventually manifest as noise that travels through the entire transmission system.

    It is, therefore, crucial to carry out routine differential servicing to keep that part of your car working as it should. At Precision Automatic Transmissions, we have the expertise and equipment required to carry out lasting repairs to differentials in all cars, including front-wheeled and rear-wheeled vehicles.

    The importance of differential maintenance

    The special oils that are installed into differential units are designed to cope with the huge loads that they produce and they also keep the moving parts cool and lubricated. This is why it is crucial that these units are regularly serviced, checked for leaks and refilled with fresh oil.

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