Manual Gearbox


    Expert repairs to your manual gearbox in Osborne Park

    Manual gearbox repairs are a highly specialised field of expertise involving the use of dedicated tools and requiring expert industry knowledge. Our transmission technicians are highly trained and experienced in diagnosing and rectifying manual gearbox problems. We have been in the business long enough to know that many expensive problems can be prevented by regular transmission maintenance, and that is why we encourage our customers to take advantage of this service.

    Specialist manual gearbox repairs

    Here at precision Automatic Transmissions, we are familiar with all aspects of manual gearbox repairs and servicing for a diverse range of makes and models. Our highly skilled transmission technicians can strip and inspect your gearbox to ascertain what repairs are required to restore it to its optimum working condition.

    Quality and attention to detail

    If you are experiencing problems with your manual gearbox, our technicians can either carry out expert repairs or provide a complete new or reconditioned unit. All of our repaired and reconditioned units are totally disassembled and meticulously examined for damage and worn components. Only those components that are deemed to be fully serviceable are reused and anything else is scrapped and replaced. We only use quality components and high-grade lubricants in the reassembly of our manual gearboxes to ensure that they provide many miles of trouble-free driving.

    Simply call us on 08 9201 1209  for expert manual gearbox repairs.

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