Power Steering


    The power steering experts in Osborne Park


    Power steering service by the experts

    Our skilled technicians here at Precision Automatic Transmissions are experts in all aspects of the servicing and repair of power steering systems. They can quickly and effectively diagnose a wide range of faults and carry out lasting repairs.

    We only use top-quality components when carrying out power steering repairs and your system will always be refilled with brand-name power steering fluid.

    Prevention over cure

    As with most of the systems that are fitted to today’s modern vehicles, repairs to damaged and worn power steering can prove costly where neglect is involved. Most drivers never pay any attention to the steering while everything appears to be working ok. However, routine power steering maintenance and fluid changes are the best way to prevent costly problems further down the track.

    How power steering works

    Power-assisted steering makes manoeuvring in cities and confined spaces much easier. It also lets you move the steering wheel with much less effort when your car is moving slowly or even stationary. Power-assisted steering is only an additional feature, so even if the system fails, the steering wheel and the wheels are still linked and can be moved, it just becomes heavier.

    When your car has power-assisted steering, its engine powers a pump which sends oil to the rack or the steering box. Valves in the rack or box open whenever you turn the steering wheel allowing oil into the cylinder. The oil pushes the steering in the appropriate direction. When you stop turning the wheel, the valves close again. 


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